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Accreditation and Affiliations

Camber College is accredited and affiliated with all levels of government and industries. The following recognize Camber College for its high industry standards.

The Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation is British Columbia’s brand for quality post-secondary education. EQA is a voluntary mechanism available to all eligible post-secondary institutions in B.C.

EQA provides one standard provincial seal that can be recognized globally as symbol of quality. This seal allows students to easily identify which provincial institutions the government of BC recognizes as having met quality assurance standards and that offer consumer protection to learners.

Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB)

DESIGNATED B.C. PRIVATE TRAINING INSTITUTIONS BRANCH & Shield Design mark is a certification mark owned by the Government of British Columbia and used under license.

Camber College is a designated institution with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB), a government institution safeguarding the rights of students and fulfilling a supervisory role in guaranteeing academic standards in private post-secondary schools in the province.

Languages Canada is Canada’s premier language organization representing both of Canada’s official languages: English and French. Its primary role is to monitor the quality of language schools in Canada for both public and private institutions. The comprehensive quality assurance scheme conducts rigorous examinations of a school’s curriculum, teacher qualifications, student services, student admissions, marketing, promotion, facilities and administration.

Schools that have earned the distinction of accreditation have met or surpassed Languages Canada’s considerable standard of excellence. By enrolling in a Languages Canada accredited school such as Camber College, international students can be assured of the exceptional quality of that school’s program.

A joint initiative of the provinces and territories, through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), the Imagine Education au/in Canada brand establishes Canada and its provinces and territories as a preferred world-class destination for international students.

The Imagine Education au/in Canada brand signals that its holder consistently:

- provides high-quality education programs;

- deals with international students in accordance with recognized codes of practice;

-is subject to quality assurance mechanisms that monitor adherence to set standards.