Camber College developed a comprehensive COVID-19 restart/operations plan for our school facility based on the guidelines by WorkSafe BC, Languages Canada and in compliance with provincial public health guidelines.

British Columbia’s progress on the fight against COVID-19 is a direct result of the sacrifices and decisions we have all made. To continue to protect seniors and at-risk people, and ensure our health care system can respond to this dangerous virus we all have to keep doing our part — at home, in the community and at work.

Monitoring of staff and students

Camber College staff is conducting daily monitoring of students for visible cold, flu, fever or COVID-19 related symptoms. Camber College may choose to conduct temperature checks at the point of entry. Students are expected to daily self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.

If any symptoms are present, the student or staff member will be asked to return home immediately.

A daily attendance is taken of staff and students which can be provided, if necessary, to clinical authorities for the purpose of contact tracing.

Physical distancing

Camber College has introduced measures that will ensure adherence to physical distancing guidelines, as promoted by the Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial health authorities, both in the classroom and during circulation in the premises.

All classrooms in the college have a limit of 6 students who can be inside at any given time. This applies to classes as well as to all dedicated lunch rooms that are set up.


Strict protocols on cleaning and disinfecting premises and other aspects of environmental health are observed, using hard-surface disinfectants as approved by the Public Health Agency of Canada and following guidelines from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

Staff and student hygiene

Each student will have his/her own chair, marked with their name that they will use during the day.

Keep personal items to yourself. Students are asked to not share pens, pencils, erasers, paper etc.

After each class, students are required to wipe and disinfect their class table and chair with Camber College provided cleaning supplies.

After lunch, students are required to wipe and disinfect their lunch area and used microwaves with Camber College provided cleaning supplies. Lunch rooms are only accessible during lunch time.

Classroom doors stay open all day. No need to touch the door knobs.

Only one student/staff is allowed inside the washrooms at any given time. Please follow basic hygiene requirements of washing hands and wiping all areas you have touched.

While we have a hand-sanitizer station at the College entrance, we encourage you to carry a personal size hand-sanitizer (100ml or less) that you can use throughout the day.

Students are asked to only bring lunches that do not need reheating and to bring their own cutlery (fork, knife or spoon). We will have microwaves available but the refrigerator in the student lounge and College cutlery will not be accessible.

We encourage students to bring a laptop, phone, or tablet that can be sued in the class to complete work, as teachers will be using digital means to give and review your work to decrease contact with personal items.

Personal protective equipment

We require all staff and students to wear a mask or face covering at all times inside our campus.

Protecting mental health

Camber College recognizes that staff and students may also be affected by the anxiety and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are providing information to students and staff on available resources specific to supporting mental health in a time of pandemic, such as those provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Wellness Together Canada portal and other resources available from provincial health authorities.

We are maintaining regular communication/check-in with students and staff on mandatory self-isolation.

Promotion of reliable, accurate messages about COVID-19 related stigma and anti-racism supports

Camber College will ensure that students receive accurate and up-to-date messaging regarding COVID-19 as part of orientation, during quarantine, and at any other time during their studies, as appropriate.

Camber College will include information about COVID-19 related stigma and provide anti-racism support to all students, both as part of the orientation for students and on an ongoing as-needed basis.

Case Management and Outbreak Response

Camber College developed a robust plan for case management and outbreak response which can limit the transmission of COVID-19 in the institution.

Health and Self-Isolation Plan

This plan is designed to prepare international students to come to Canada through a safe travel corridor and comfortable quarantine process.

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