This plan is to provide a safe way of bringing international students to Canada. It is designed to educate and prepare qualified international students, offer a safe and controlled travel corridor to Canada, provide a comfortable quarantine process, and ensure that both students and host Canadians are safe as students enter our school and community.

In the phased and targeted re-opening of Canada’s borders following the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Camber College is committed to work with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) to welcome international students in a safe manner that greatly reduces the risk of transmission of COVD-19 in Canada.

Camber College Commitment

This Health and Self-Isolation Plan is a comprehensive package of complementary elements that we have put in place to meet the commitment of health and safety to Canadians. Through this plan, Camber College will:

Ensure that, prior to travel, students are qualified and comply with the requirements for safe travel and mandatory quarantine upon arrival to Canada.

Make all necessary arrangements for students’ safe travel and 14-day quarantine upon arrival.

Monitor and support students throughout the duration of their mandatory quarantine.

Provide an academic environment that adheres to the regulations and guidelines of the federal, provincial, and local public health authorities.



The Camber College Health and Self-Isolation Plan can be divided into three steps that support students and protect Canadians at every juncture of students’ study-in-Canada journey.

Pre-departure to Canada

Camber College will ensure that students are qualified, informed, prepared for, and in agreement with requirements for safe travel and quarantine upon arrival in Canada. Camber College will provide international students with all necessary arrangements and documentation to assure IRCC and CBSA that students are arriving safely in Canada.

1 – Protocol for the Safe Arrival and Quarantine of International Students – Developed by Languages Canada, this document provides clear guidelines to Camber College to ensure that students comply with safe travel and quarantine requirements.


2 – COVID-19 International Student Travel and Quarantine Checklist – Developed by Languages Canada, this document provides step-by-step instructions to incoming international students on how to safely prepare, travel, arrive, and quarantine, including a signed form whereby students confirm their understanding and acceptance of requirements upon arrival in Canada.


3 – COVID-19 International Student Quarantine Plan Template – Developed by Languages Canada, this fillable document outlines students’ quarantine plan, which students will be expected to complete and print for presentation to their CBSA agent upon arrival in Canada.


4 – ArriveCAN app – Students will be advised to download the ArriveCAN mobile app prior to their arrival and fill-in their personal information including a Canadian phone number (e.g. contact at their place of quarantine).

5 – Proof of insurance for quarantine period – International students will need proof of appropriate medical insurance, effective as of the date of the students’ arrival, which includes coverage for COVID-19 during the quarantine period.

Transit to and arrival in Canada

6 – Designated quarantine hotel – Sandman Hotel Vancouver Airport has been chosen by Camber College as the designated quarantine site for international students. The Sandman Hotel Group has implemented rigorous COVID-19 operating procedures as per the Hotel Association of Canada’s Best Practices, Operating Procedures and Considerations of Hotel Guests in Self Isolation and are equipped to provide a full-service Quarantine Package to students, including safe transport from the airport to the hotel and monitoring services to ensure students do not leave their room.

7 – Online tutoring – College is providing a free of charge online tutoring service that provides 3 hours of personal English tutoring on weekdays to each quarantined student. This tutoring also functions as the main line of communication to ensure that Camber College can assist and help with any situations that might arise during quarantine in timely and effective manner.

8 – Quarantine compliance – Any compliance issue with the 14-day quarantine will be reported to the Public Health Agency of Canada and local law enforcement agencies.

Integration into Camber College programs

Following successful completion of the quarantine period, students will proceed with their flight to Powell River and their final place of residence and commence in-person studies. Camber College is committed to operate in a way that prioritizes the health and safety of students, staff, host families, and our community, by adhering to our COVID-19 Safety Plan and guidelines of the federal, provincial, and local public health authorites.

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