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Meet the Team | World-Class Language Education

Clas Huntebrinker is the President of Camber College. Born and raised in Germany he immigrated to Canada in 2004. He has extensive international experience in the field of Accounting and Marketing and has been with Camber College since 2005. When he is not glued to the computer screen he likes to spend time boating with his family or enjoying one of the countless recreational activities Powell River has to offer.

David Dickson is a graduate of Simon Fraser University and Yonsei University and has more than 20 years experience in the educational industry. He believes that effective learning takes place in a supportive and caring environment with dedicated and enthusiastic professionals that are motivated by more than just money. Over the years he has come to realize that optimal learning takes place in an environment where students know they are not just another number. As well as being an educator, David, has traveled the world and is active in many sports including being a PADI scuba instructor. He believes that learning is a lifelong journey and wants to share his passion for the journey with you here in Powell River!

Mara Park is the Admissions officer at Camber College. She has been working for Camber College since 2008. She was born in South Korea and studied in Japan for 4 years before moving to Canada in 2002. She studied Administrative Management in Business and was an International ESL student herself. She enjoys spending time with her family as well as playing cello. She is the first person people usually meet at Camber College and she encourages all students to participate in Powell River community events.

Hiromi Shimoda is the Marketing Assistant at Camber College. She grew up in Japan and had two dreams. One was to become a nurse and the other was to experience living abroad. She finally came to Canada in 2006 to study English at Camber College after working for many years as a nurse. She enjoys being part of Camber College and life in Powell River. She loves photography and her favorite motives are animals and everything the nature around Powell River has to offer. Recently she loves to capture the everyday life of her newest family member.

Roy Kim is the Director of the Korean office of Camber College. He lives in Korea and visits Powell River at least twice a year. He helps students before coming to Powell River as well as during their study period. Roy is a passionate traveler and has been to over 30 countries. During his travels he fell in love with Powell River and developed a keen interest and understanding of the region.

Marina Patenaude is the European and Brazil Marketing Director at Camber College. She has been working for Camber College since 2014. Marina studied Liberal Arts in Vancouver and is now residing there. Marina was born and raised in beautiful Powell River, and she is proud to call it home. She hopes that many students across the globe can share in all the wonderful experiences that Powell River has offered her over the years. She enjoys traveling the world and learning about the dynamics of new cultures. One of her favorite pass times is enjoying food and sharing in those moments with family and friends.

Claudia has been passionate about traveling since she was 15 years old and made her first trip to USA in an exchange program. After this she never stopped traveling, she took an immersion program in English in 2000, in 2005 she joined a work and travel program and in 2009 she worked in a summer camp as a trips counselor. Since 2006 has worked promoting a wide portfolio of programs and studies abroad, in the US and Canada including Camber College. She also has traveled several times with Colombian campers, which has convinced her that her main purpose in life is to help others to live these international experiences that will help them to become better professionals and citizens of the world.

She is currently teaching in Formosa university and Hungkung university as a ESL lecturer. In part of her teaching experiences, she taught in public and private schools in both Taiwan, Korea and U.S.A and earning the prized Holistic Honorary Award. In addition she has been teaching Mandarin Chinese to native English speakers in a Montessori-vision language immersion school here in Baltimore, Maryland. This has given her experience designing curriculum for bilingual schools and utilizing various strategies to encourage student motivation in foreign languages.

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